Don't let
Your Memes

Be Dreams!

Phase 1

MemeMarketplace Exchange

Unite ALL Meme Tokens and NFTs in ONE place

Phase 2

Normie Integration into the Solana NFT Ecosystem

How will we get the Normies?

*** WARNING *** Video for NORMIE eyes ONLY!!!


Influencers are carefully selected based on specific criteria we deem worthy of our platform, using an exclusive Invite ONLY business model


MemeMarketplace offers an integrated A-Z solution allowing influencers the privilege of working One on One with our established team of Artists and Developers, giving Life to their ideas


Influencers inform their followers of their creation and upcoming sale


MemeMarketplace serves as the Normie NFT On-Ramp




Max supplyStrict LimitNever Increased only BURNED
Project Development
Angel Investors

What will the 50% Project Development Funds be Used for?


Build MemeMarketplace network and allow for team development


Incentivize influencers and celebrities to become brand ambassadors


Emergency Reserve Fund

MEME is deflationary with its scarcity secured by Marketplace Profits

BURN every 3 months using 17.77% of MemeMarketplace profits

Profits will be used to purchase Tokens off the Floor and BURN them sending, them to the Shadow Realm NEVER to return.

MEME will continue to be burned in 3 month increments until 50% of all Tokens are BURNED


Q4 2021

Q4 2021

- Social Media Campaign

- First Meme Company to Release a Meme Token takes center stage

- 40% of MEME Max Supply is Airdropped

- Focus on Core Team expansion

- Development of MemeMarketplace Exchange

Q1 2022

Q1 2022

- Launch of MemeMarketplace Exchange

- Start of MEME token BURN using exchange profits as referenced in Tokenomics

- Partnerships and Collaborations with estabilished NFT projects

Q2 2022

Q2 2022

- Secure partnerships with top influencers we invite to join our network

- Launch of Limited Run exclusive NFT collections

Q3 2022

Q3 2022

- Additional benefits and privileges awarded to MEME token holders

- Strategic partnerships secured with NFT projects provide for additional utility for MEME

- Establish the MemePool (not the mempool lol)

  • Will be used to invest in early development NFT related projects

Q4 2022and Beyond!

Q4 2022 and Beyond!

- Creation of the MemeDAO

- Continued community development and team expansion

- Ongoing addition of exchange features and upgrades

- MEME token BURN continues until 50% of token Max Supply Remains

- WAGMI Frens!